About Me

何思芃  Ho Sze Pong (Pong Pong)

1979年生於美國,成長於台北,畢業於英國Camberwell College of Art,主修平面設計,回國後曾於誠品書店、JRV International等從事平面設計工作。學生時期開始接觸古董珠寶,2008年取得美國GII珠寶鑑定證書,收藏並曾於2010年9月臺北人cafe《前一個世紀的古美學:古本.古裂.古珠寶》展出。近幾年以珠寶設計為主,嘗試結合書法美學與珠寶晶體空間,2009年7月參與高雄市立美術館《墨韻無邊──董陽孜書法文創作品展》,2010年12月受邀參與香港中央圖書館《書法.設計──海報及創作展覽》。2011年10月參與松山文化創意園區《妙法自然-董陽孜×亞洲海報設計暨文創跨界創作展》展出, 台北世界設計大展董陽孜×100潮T設計。

Ho Sze Pong was born in United states in 1979. She received a BA in graphic design from Camberwell College of Art in UK . Pong’s keen interest in jewelry design and collecting vintage costume jewelry had led her to study with the Gemological Institute International as gemologist, furthermore, she had exhibited her vintage costume jewelry collection in 2010 at the Taipei Ren Café. Pong created a series of jewelry designs, inspired by Tong Yang Tze’s aesthetic imagery of calligraphy. Since 2009, Pong has exhibited her jewelry design works in Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Hong Kong, including: 2009 “Eternal Rhythm of Ink──Calligraphy by Tong Yang Tze & Designs Bases on Tong’s Art for Creative Industry”, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, and 2010 “INK and DESIGN Exhibition”, Hong Kong Central Library. In 2011, Pong designed a new series of calligrapgy jewelry, exhibited in “Taipei World Design Expo──A Poster Exhibition of Asian Designers and Tong Yang-Tze’s Calligraphy Ingenuity follows Nature” , also Pong designed a colligrpahy T- shirt during the event. STF Cultural & Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan.



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